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wooden-home-furnitureWe’ve all heard of a sheepskin rug but probably never thought about buying one for our homes. I bet on one or more occasions that we thought; How to fit in my home? Where did it go? My style house compliment this type of carpet? I thought that at first, I was always iffy about how it would fit in my house. I have always loved the look of them but would always ask the same questions, doubting myself before buying. So I created this article to give you some tips to style to your home with a sheepskin rug.

We want to be more comfortable and relaxed in our homes as possible. Furniture, decorations and accessories are the key to achieving this goal. Our choices of House are inspired by our experiences and most of our likes and dislikes travel with us since childhood. If you’re looking for a relaxing retreat, or a modern and contemporary atmosphere, a sheepskin rug brings the wow factor.

Before filling the tank with cold water and add about a cap full of baby shampoo to the water. Then insert your carpet in the tub with the fleece side down and hand wash. After washing by hand be sure to thoroughly rinse your carpet, remove it from your tub and comb the carpet in one direction. Roll out the carpet to dry with the fleece side down or hang it in the Sun. Once it is completely dry, comb the Sheepskin rug small to fluff it back to normal.