Bunny Flags Game

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Mushroom Madness 3 Game

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Protector IV.V Game

Protector IV.V Game sponsored by martial arts movies

Martial art movies

When it comes to martial arts movies people tend to think to Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. But that was a long time ago and there are a number of very successful Asian and Western martial artists around today. The likes of Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh, Lucy Liu and most recently, Tony Jaa have made quite a name for themselves in Hollywood. Then there is the likes of Steven Seagal, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jason Statham and Wesley Snipes. You have quite a few martial artists to choose from nowadays. So if you’re looking for a “kick”, just watch any of their movies.

Martial arts movies

There is no denying the fact that Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon attained new heights as far as martial arts movies were concerned. In fact, the movie was so good it even got nominated for best picture at the Academy Awards. The entire dialogue of the movie was in Mandarin although it did have English subtitles. The movie was dubbed in English later as well. This just goes to show how much the genre has evolved since Enter the Dragon which was released 27 years before this one. The West undoubtedly began respecting Asian martial arts movies after they had the pleasure of watching this masterpiece.